Sunday, April 3, 2011

Game Colony and eCribbage are TERRIBLE

If anyone stumbles upon this article, I'd love to know if anyone has found a realistic website to play cribbage on. I've been playing on both Game Colony and eCribbage, and both are miserably unrealistic. At both, the cut card is a complete joke. Every single hand the cut card gives the combination of players a maximum possible score. You can go months (I went ~18 tournaments in a row) without winning a match, because they give you bad marks for telling the truth that their site is garbage. It's an embarrassment that the ACC, who is supposed to be a leader in cribbage, is partnered with either of these two sites.

I've started working on my own site, but it needs more time. You can play against yourself at this point, and see it 100 times more realistic than either Game Colony or eCribbage at this point. Check it out at:


  1. The randomization algorithm at is based on proven mathematics. Look up Pierre L'Ecuyer to see how his algorithm works. Math major and cribbage fanatic Hal Mueller has run several tests and backs randomization fully.

    No the cut card does not magically give maximum points each time, why not take a pen and write down how many times this actually happens and then compare it to real life, you will see it is the same.

  2. I have seen alot of opinions regarding the randomness or lack thereof regarding the dealt cards and cuts on cribbage sites, but never any statistics to back them up. Since Gamecolony has been in business for more than 10 years and money is involved, you would think someone would have taken the time to perform a statistical analysis to prove this one way or another. I have played thousands of hands on GC and have seen it all but I have also seen some wierd things in live cribbage. My only 29 hand came in live cribbage and I once started a live game with a 24 hand followed immediately by a 28 hand. If your own site is more realistic than GC or Ecribbage, please provide the facts.

  3. My theory is these sites have a higher hand average that is given to the winner then typical numbers over time compared to live play.I try to take advantage of that.